After reserving a villa number and registering in it, the guest confirms that he will comply with the internal rules of the villa "Florena" (hereinafter referred to as the Villa) specified below. For non-observance of these rules, the guest may be warned by the villa's responsible staff (hereinafter referred to as the Administration), and the guest who does not follow these rules or knowingly violates them may be asked to leave the villa. In this case, the money paid by the guest is not returned and the guest must pay for all services purchased before departure.

Guest arrival/check-in to the villa from 3:00 p.m., departure/check-out until 12:00 p.m.
The opening hours of the villa reception are 8:00-23:00.
Breakfast is not provided in the villa. Villa room service is open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The guest arriving at the villa and the persons arriving together with him must register at the reception indicating the data of a valid personal document(s) (passport, identity card).

The guest must pay the bill for the accommodation immediately after submitting the order by bank transfer.

At the guest's request and if possible, additional persons can be accommodated in the room for an additional fee.

A guest staying in the villa for less than a day (24 hours) pays the price for the whole day, regardless of the check-out time.

If the guest wishes to leave later than 12:00 p.m., the guest's stay is extended if possible.

A fee of 50 percent of the daily rate of the room is applicable for guest departures after 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. When leaving later than 18:00, the guest pays a fee equal to 100%. room prices for one day.

For a guest who has paid for accommodation, as well as for additional services, but does not arrive/decides not to use them, the paid money will not be returned to the guest. If you leave the villa earlier than it was planned in the reservation, i.e. i.e. if you do not stay the entire time, the money for the missed time will not be returned to the Guest.

The villa reserves the right, at its own discretion, to deny entry to unwanted or suspicious persons. Undesirable persons - those who previously stayed in the Villa and did not pay for the services, appropriated or damaged the property and/or inventory of the Villa and did not repay the Villa for it in good faith.

All guests living in the Villa (and guest visitors) must observe cleanliness and order, save, use the Villa's equipment, appliances, furniture and other items in the rooms and common areas, and immediately notify the Villa administration of any observed malfunctions.

All items in the villa rooms and other rooms of the villa, with the exception of disposable hygiene products intended for the use of the Guest, as well as food products specially intended for the use of the Guest in the room (coffee, tea, sugar, sweetener) are the property of the villa, therefore the Guest has no right to take them when leaving the villa.
When leaving the room and the Villa, the guest must make sure to close and lock the door behind him for safety reasons.

If the inventory of the room/Villa disappears or is damaged due to the fault of the Guest, the culprit compensates the damage to the Villa according to the established rates.

If guests cannot be accommodated due to damage (damaged room inventory, damaged electrical wires, pipes, etc.), the full price of the room is paid during the damage removal period. Minors, incapacitated/restricted guests are responsible for damage caused by their parents/guardians/caregivers.

The Villa is not responsible for the Guest's belongings left outside the room.

Additional guests may be brought into the Villa area only with the permission of the Villa.

The administration of the Villa has the right to enter the guest's room in the event of danger to the safety of the guest(s) and/or the threat of damage to their property, as well as complaints of other guests of the Villa.

When leaving the Villa, the guest must ensure that all services have been paid for. In the event that the services are not paid for, as well as if damage was caused to the Villa's inventory during the guest's stay in the room, the guest must contact the Villa's administration at tel. +37065633888 and pay bills.

For all services that the Villa guest purchased/used, but checked out and left without paying, or caused damage to the Villa and did not compensate it before checking out, the Villa has the right to deduct the corresponding amount from the bank card provided by the guest during check-in, without the presence of the guest himself, having previously informed him via the registration contact by phone or e-mail specified on the card. The guest is deemed to have authorized the Villa for such payment transaction.

For a guest, until 12:00 if the room is not vacated and there is no possibility to contact him, or when the Guest maliciously does not pay for the services provided and does not vacate the room at the request of the administration, the administration reserves the right to move the items in the room to the premises stored in the Villa and store them until collection for a fee determined by the Villa administration.

It is forbidden to lead and release animals on the territory of the Villa.

One free parking space is allocated per villa room.